What to Expect When Working With Me

A breakdown of my software consulting process.

Software Consulting Process Initial Conversation

We Talk

The start of every project will begin with a chat between you and me. Our initial meeting will just be to get an idea of what kind of project you have, answer any questions you might have, and for both of us to get a chance to decide if we are ready to start working together.


Our initial conversation can happen in whatever method you prefer. I am available to talk through text, phone, online chat, Skype, or in person. Just reach out in whatever way you prefer!

Software Consulting Process Project Definition

We Define the Project

If our first meeting goes well, then we are ready to start working together! Depending on the details of your project, I will gather some more information from you and may schedule another preliminary discussion for us to hash out all the remaining details.


At the end of this process, I will deliver a document outlining every aspect of your project that I will be responsible for delivering.

Software Consulting Process Timeline Decision

We Decide on a Timeline

After we both agree to the project definition, we can then move on to defining a work, delivery, and payment schedule.


We will discuss when you want your project delivered, how that fits in within my current work schedule, and how much time the scope of your project will take to complete.


At the end of this process, I will deliver another document outlining every aspect of the project’s delivery and payment schedule, and how any potential roadblocks in the project’s implementation should be handled and how that may affect the project scope, delivery, and/or timeline.

Software Consulting Process Design Decisions

We Make Design Decisions

At this point, we are finally ready to start the dirty work for building your project. This is when I will gather design preferences from you and find examples and inspirations that you may like. 


After we come to an understanding on your style preferences, I will create a blueprint for your project, so that you can visualize how your project will look. 

Software Consulting Process Development

I Work

This is where you can mostly sit back and relax. I will begin development of your project, and continue to iterate until your project is complete.

During the development of your project, I will provide weekly reports on the progress of your project. These reports will detail what has been completed, what unforseen circumstances have occurred, any updates to the project delivery schedule, and any recent deliverables of your project.

Software Consulting Process Delivery

You Get The Final Result

Finally, at the end of the development process you will get your final product. Your project will be ready to launch and will no longer depend on me. You will be able to pick it up and run with it, and do whatever you’d like with it going forward.


Depending on the needs of your project this may be the end of our interaction, or we may enter a phase of monitoring and strategy adjustments of your project’s technical or marketing performance.

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