Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about working with me.

I have over 5 years of widespread professional software development experience, with the majority of that time spent working at Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS). More information on my past professional experience is available on my about me page or my LinkedIn profile.

I have worked at a number of large businesses. Including 4 years as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon/Amazon Web Services. Between my professional experience and my own projects I have worked in a variety of areas. I have worked on everything from mobile and desktop websites, native Android and iOS apps, desktop applications, database problems, to large cloud deployment solutions. This has afforded me a truly expansive background in different software languages and design practices.

More information on my past professional experience is available on my about me page or my LinkedIn profile. Likewise, you can check out some examples of my past work.

We start by defining the details of your project, come to an agreement on the project’s schedule and design, and then I start building your project!

You can find further detailed information on what working with me is like on my process page.

Alternatively, you can contact me directly to ask me any questions you might have.

Timelines are impossible to predict without further information on your specific project and business timelines. I will do my absolute best to work with your desired timelines to make sure I deliver your project in time to meet your business goals.

If you are curious about how long your project might take or about my availability then feel free to contact me for further information.

Cost is a hard thing to predict, as I want to tailor each project specifically to the business goals of each client.

If you are curious about what your project may cost, then feel free to contact me for a detailed quote.

I accept clients of any and all kinds. From established big businesses, local mom-and-pop shops, to brand new entrepreneurs looking for their first start. 

I would be happy to accept work for your non-profit or charity if I am able to.

Availability will depend on my current intake of clients, but please contact me if you are interested.

No, I am happy to accept clients from anywhere worldwide. I am able to communicate by your preferred online method, and will provide ample digital updates on your project status once we begin working together. If you are local, I would love to meet up in person if you would prefer that.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in working with me!

I appreciate you considering me for your business and would love to start working with you right away.

Start by contacting me either through email (, by your preferred method from the options available on my contact page, or start chatting immediately by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 

Ready to get started? Let's talk now!