About Me

A software, web, app, cloud, SEO, and Google Ads consultant.

Hi I’m Alex Plishka. I’m a software developer living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


I graduated with a Bachelors of Computer Science Honours degree in 2015 from the University of Manitoba. I specialized in Software Development, Web Systems, and Database.


I worked as a co-op intern at Zywave, Manitoba eHealth (now Shared Health MB), and Amazon. After graduating, I returned to Amazon to work full time on their Wireless and Consumer Electronics teams in Seattle. Afterwards, I came back to Winnipeg to join the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team at AWS Thinkbox.


During my professional experience I have had the chance to work on a huge variety of projects. Some of these projects include giant mobile and desktop websites, Android and iOS apps, small website projects from the ground up, desktop applications, innovative cloud technology solutions, and large databases,


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Working at those companies provided a tremendously varied and extensive education into the world of software development. However, branching out into consulting allows me to fulfill my true passion which is to build creative customer-facing products that make a difference.


I enjoy building things that people can use. Applications or websites that friends, family, or customers can interact with that solves a real and crucial customer problem.


I love working on new problems or with new technologies, or just producing a spectacular product that me and my clients can proudly show off to valued customers. 


If you are interested in building a beautiful product that works for you and your customers, then let’s talk and let’s make something great!


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